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Italy is famous all over the world for its food. Tourists are crazy about it, Italians talk about it all the time… even and especially while they are eating! Each region has its own specialities: every Italian province knows how to amaze and delight, thanks to fresh and genuine products part of the Mediterranean tradition.

Veneto and its cuisine

Veneto is one of the most diverse Italian regions. It borders the Adriatic Sea, envelopes Lake Garda, has plenty of hills and mountains, as well as a vast plain. This varied landscape has influenced the local cuisine characterised by local products including cheeses, charcuterie, olive oil, radicchio, asparagus, rice and lots more.

Today we are going to talk about a typical dish that is enjoyed especially in the province of Verona: polenta with cod! This pauper’s dish is often prepared on Fridays, following the rule that forbids eating mean on the fifth day of the week during Lent.
Here are our Chef’s tips, directly from the Restaurant La Terrazza del Boff.

How do you make polenta with cod?

To prepare this renowned dish, popular because it is easy and has an unmistakable flavour, soak a dried cod in fresh water for two days. Clean the cod, removing bones and tail. Julienne two white onions and fry them lightly in plenty of extra virgin olive oil.

Cut the cod into pieces, rub it in plain flour and place it skin-down in a casserole and cook lightly. Add enough milk to cover the fish, two laurel leaves and approximately 20 juniper berries, and leave to cook on a low flame for around three hours.

Meantime, after the water for the polenta starts boiling, add the corn flour (approx. 200 g per litre of water). Add salt and a drizzle of olive oil and cook for around 40 minutes on low flame, stirring every now and again.
When the cod is ready, you can serve it on a dish next to the hot polenta.