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The arrival of summer reminds us that it is time to start again with our beloved Aperiboff, the aperitif that we serve on our delightful panoramic terrace, from which you can fall in love with all the beauty of Lake Garda.

The best time to sip some good wine is certainly that of the sunset, when the sun dyes the whole world with its burning reflections and the tiredness of the day slips away turning into peace.

And while you finally let go of the tensions you can caress with your eyes the waters of the lake and the surrounding hills, which begin to turn red.

It is right at night that our terrace is full of life, thanks to the hotel guests and the people who live nearby, all united by the desire to enjoy their relaxing break to the fullest.

Whether you stay in our rooms or not does not matter: know that here you will always be welcome, because such an experience must be done at least once in your life.
And if you try it then you’ll definitely come back, we guarantee it.

Snacks and a great desire to satisfy the palate

During the Aperiboff we offer a wide variety of delicacies, which include local products and a selection of cured meats and cheeses capable of tickling even the most unpleasant palates.

To enhance good food, you must then quench your thirst with some proposal that is up to it.

This is why on our Aperiboff menu you will also find numerous predinner cocktails and international alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, prepared by our bartender Riccardo
Do you prefer wine? Here you will find a great selection, including a couple of typical Venetian productions: Lugana and Valpolicella classic and superior.

For those who already know them there is the satisfaction of savouring the great classics of the territory, but for those who have never tasted them it is a dip in taste.

If you have never had the chance to drink the wine of some good winery, come and taste the full-bodied and soft taste of our Lugana, which with its straw yellow colour reverberates the last rays of sunshine; or enjoy a well-deserved moment of rest sparkling our Valpolicella with ruby tones, able to amaze you with its savoury and velvety flavour.

Music, which fills every moment

Finally, let’s talk about music, because what would be an aperitif without a musical background to fill it with meaning?

And so on Wednesdays and Fridays evening, we offer an evening of live music, where various styles alternate.

So it’s free to revival songs that have become evergreen, to rock tunes with a catchy rhythm and to contemporary music, up to touching the boundaries of rhythm, coloured by the melodious notes of the saxophone.

The vision of the lake that collects in the colours of the dusk, enclosed in this sonorous musical embrace, inspires a sense of fullness difficult to find elsewhere.

Aperiboff, is more than just an aperitif: it is a new way of looking at the beauty that surrounds us, letting it enter inside us.