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With a hot summer like this, it is inevitable to try to cool off, by any means possible. As the thermometer goes up and your energy goes down, you’ll be helped by the 5 tips our staff have collected for you. Some suggestions you can also put into practice at home, but the best way to experience them is to experience them directly at the Boffenigo.

A vitamin dish to hydrate the body

Let’s start with cooking: at this time, you should introduce light, easy-to-digest dishes into your diet, especially if they are made with fresh, fragrant vegetables that are strictly in season.

Our chef recommends burratina campana with cherry tomatoes caprese style, like the one we serve in our restaurant. A bomb of vitamin C, phosphorus, vitamin K and antioxidants against ageing. 

Remember that the quality of the ingredients is crucial to the success of the dish, as are the freshly picked basil leaves that will enrich it with fragrance, taste and colour. Moreover, you can prepare it in minutes, without cooking. Less heat and less pots and pans to wash, is that enough?

Basil, the king of aromatic drinks

In this hot weather, we drink more often, so we asked our barman to give us some ideas to try a new thirst-quenching drink and he had no doubts: In summer, its leaves are incredibly fragrant and make any drink cooler and lighter. You too can try making an aromatic basil and lemon water by leaving some basil leaves to infuse in water for two hours and adding lemon juice, in the amount you like.

If you prefer something more intense, you should definitely try our Basil Smash, a cocktail we offer at this time based on gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and fresh basil.

A real taste explosion, to be sipped in the hottest hours to regain lost energy.

Light legs with cryo-bandage

In summer, legs are more problematic, you know. Water retention increases, they swell and you have a sense of heaviness that is not at all pleasant. 

We asked our operators what treatment could help stimulate circulation and they recommended the cryo-bandage, made with cold bandages soaked in active ingredients that penetrate the skin. In our wellness area, we offer one that is always very popular with customers, not least because we combine it with a draining leg and abdominal massage.

It may be because it tones the body, it may be because it counteracts fluid retention, what is certain is that the feeling at the end of the treatment is always one of extreme lightness and vitality, while tiredness slips away like a bad memory.

The ideal temperature

In the home, it is good to use the air conditioner with caution, avoiding too low temperatures that increase health risks. In fact, when it is very hot your body has to face a thermal stress and it is normal to lower the degrees to look for that cool thrill you desire so much.

Unfortunately, after an immediate gratification, your organism suffers this and risks becoming ill due to the excessive temperature difference between inside and outside the house.

The advice we give you is the same as that we offer our guests when they return to their rooms, to maintain a comfort temperature that varies between 25° and 27°, enjoying the cool without putting the rest of the holiday at risk.
Among other things, all our rooms are equipped with a beautiful balcony or a spacious balcony-terrace, so this arrangement allows you to experience even the outdoor spaces without feeling an excessive contrast between the two environments.

Some time for yourself

When it is very hot, it is important to know how to slow down. Continuing to run only dissipates your energy, with the result of arriving at night with great fatigue, without perhaps having finished everything you wanted. The staff at our reception know very well how important it is to take time for oneself, because every day they see guests arrive with faces marked by tiredness and then see them leave at the end of the holiday completely transformed, with a lightness they haven’t seen before.

So, the last advice we can give you is to slow down the rhythms of your days, carving out spaces where you can regain your energy and listen to the depths of your thoughts. 

If you can’t make it at home because your busy schedule gives you no respite, we are waiting for you at the Boffenigo, with our cosy rooms, days by the pool, tasty and inviting dishes in the restaurant, romantic sunsets on the terrace, and all the enchantment of Lake Garda.
Our staff will take care of you and make your relaxation special, for a rejuvenating holiday that will give you what you need.