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What is most important to hotel guests? According to a recent study, one thing ranks at the top of every list, and is even more important than hospitality. It’s cleanliness: people choose where to stay based on hygiene standards, the first thing they notice when they arrive. A hotel with high hygiene standards will make its guests happy as if they were in their own home!

At Hotel Boffenigo the housekeeping department is essential to making sure every guest enjoys an impeccable holiday. In our hotel, who makes sure everything is tidy, clean and in order down to the smallest detail? Leonora, a special member of the B-Family!

We have interviewed Leonora so you can find out a bit more about her, her work and what she likes.

A defining trait of your character

What you love about your job
Being in contact with people!

What you appreciate most about your collaborators
Their helpfulness.

Other people’s flaws you can’t suffer

Your biggest flaw
Maybe the fact that I’m a bit too accommodating.

Your favourite hobby
I love gardening.

If you had a different job at these same facilities, what would it be?
I would love to be an excursion guide.

Your favourite area at the facilities where you work
The green area.

The best moment in your working day
Good morning greetings and coffee first thing, they get me immediately in a good mood!

The book on your bedside table
The Rage and the Pride, by Oriana Fallaci.

Your secret dream
Open a restaurant entirely dedicated to couples.

The first thing you notice when you walk into a hotel
How clean it is!

What must a hotel offer to make you a happy customer?
A smile.

Your favourite holiday destination
The sea.

The country in which you would like to live

Your hero
My daughter.

Essential qualities to do your job
Simpleness and helpfulness.

What you hate most

What would you say to a young person wanting to pursue your career?
It requires a lot of patience and dedication.

The hotel of your dreams
A hut overlooking the ocean!

What you expect from the hotel in which you work
Respect and consideration.

What is your motto?
Live and let live!