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When our guests arrive at the reception counter, we look at them: they have the bright eyes of those who have finally returned ‘home’.

Many of them have known us for years and are always happy to spend their holidays with us, the most carefree time of the year.

The hotel is beautiful, but our guests deserve more: We therefore work hard to make them feel comfortable, surrounded by smiles, kindness and a thousand little attentions.

And so it is that day after day, we see them becoming more and more relaxed as they indulge in all the experiences, they were not able to have during the year: swimming in the pool, aperitifs on the terrace as the sun goes down, delicious dinners, all the treatments in our wellness area and nature walks to explore the area.

Why do guests always choose us?

For years now, many customers have chosen us as their permanent holiday destination, and when they arrive, we like to have a chat with them, as they are now friends of our B-Family.

Talking to them, we realised that they really appreciate our efforts and come back every year especially for the beauty of the location, the friendly welcome and the relaxation they can only find here.

Marion and Robert have been booking our rooms for eight years and have always been so satisfied, that once back in Belgium they recommended the Boffenigo to their friends.
These, having experienced our welcome in person, enthusiastically confirmed the excellent reviews.

After all, our Swiss guests Werner & Heidi have also chosen us for their summer holidays for seven years.
They say they feel at home here and always receive such a warm welcome, that they really feel welcome.
Their great love, however, is our panoramic terrace with lake view, where they often stop to sip a few drinks while enjoying the tranquillity of the surrounding nature.

Which service do they appreciate the most?

When we entertain guests, we also try to understand what service they appreciate most, because it helps us to focus on their needs.

The answers are varied, but all suggest trying the restaurant, which between the goodness of the dishes and the beauty of the location undoubtedly wins the ranking of customers’ favourite services.

This is also confirmed by Martin and Sabine, who have been coming from Germany for the past 15 years to taste the chef’s new proposals and spend the beautiful summer days by the pool.
Sebastian is also German and is in love with Lake Garda, especially because for eight years he has been able to discover places unknown to the mass of tourists, choosing more authentic local experiences such as the walk to the Rocca del Garda and the walk to the Eremo di San Giorgio.

Then there are Laura and Marco who come from Bergamo and have been our customers for five years. They filled us with joy with their answers, because when we asked them what our best services were, they couldn’t decide, because they loved them all. In the end we were told that it is not possible to choose one in particular, because at the Boffenigo there is everything you could want.

How long have they been loyal customers?

So far we have told you about regular customers for many years, but there was one answer in particular that made us laugh.

In fact, we also chatted with Mirko, an affectionate guest of ours from Treviso, who has never missed an appointment with us for several years.

He comes here to relax and relieve the stress accumulated during the year, also taking advantage of the restaurant’s excellent cuisine that puts him at peace with the world.

When we asked him how many years he has been visiting us, he surprised us with one of the most spontaneous answers we have ever heard: “Never too many!”

Thank you Mirko, thank you all. These are great satisfactions, which we gladly take home.