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One of the features that makes Boffenigo unique is the staff: we have been sharing pieces of our lives for many, many years now and over time, we have formed a good, close-knit group.

We like to call ourselves the B-family because that’s what we are: a big family where we got to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and put our strengths at everyone’s disposal.

We are able to work very well in synergy: for any difficulty, we know that we can always ask for support, confident that someone in the group will bend over backwards to help us solve the problem.
Some of us have been members of Boffenigo for many years and thanks to their commitment and dedication, they have become points of reference, a bit like wise relatives to whom you can turn for good advice.

Chiara, the reception and the teamwork

Chiara has been part of the B-family since 2003 and works at the reception desk.

Fortunately, she has great patience, because when welcoming customers and offering information she always has to juggle many requests to satisfy everyone.
She is always smiling, because this job allows her to meet new people and help them with whatever they need.

Chiara loves the contact with customers and also the contact with colleagues, whose teamwork she appreciates very much.

Leonora, the ever-helpful head governess

Leonora takes care of the cleanliness and order at Boffenigo. Her role is fundamental: In fact, customers pay a lot of attention to reviews related to the cleanliness of a hotel and often choose based on the ratings published online.

When we read the comments of our guests, we smile, because they say that the cleanliness here is impeccable, maniacal, top-notch.

It is clear that Leonora knows how to do her job very well, but she does not boast about it and simply continues to put everything in its place.
She also feels like in a family here and the thing she appreciates most is the helpfulness of her colleagues.

Professional & Friendly

Many of our customers leave beautiful online reviews after staying with us and often compliment us on our friendliness and professionalism.
That’s why we like to call ourselves Professional & Friendly, because it’s a description that fully expresses the way we work.

On the one hand, we are professional, very attentive to our guests and their needs, ready to promptly solve any problem that arises.
On the other hand, we don’t want to play the role of someone who just works to do the job, but we want our customers to understand that we put our heart into what we do.

And that is why our good morning is always smiling, why we give advice as if we were talking to a dear friend, why we do more than what is asked of us because we know it will be appreciated.
Each one of us gives his or her best every day, but our teamwork is the trump card that allows us to work so well together, for the well-being of all the customers who rely on us

They – the customers – notice it. And they come back to us because they know that there is a B-family here to welcome them with joy.