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The long winter months are behind us and the rays of spring are beginning to shine on the Boffenigo, which for us means only one thing: the long-awaited reopening.

While we were closed, we worked hard to improve the structure and services, from every point of view.

We wondered what we could do to make the guest experience fully fulfilling and from there came a list of ideas, improvements and projects that we were excited about.
From idea to practice, the step was short and the Boffenigo became a lively building site where every day there was a mixture of effort and satisfaction, hiccups, hopes and achievements.
But in the end we managed to bring home the result, which at first was just an intangible dream and has now finally become tangible.

In April, we will open the season and we are excited to see the reactions of our guests as they walk through the new automatic door we have installed at the entrance.

Will they appreciate our work? How will they experience this renewed Boffenigo?


If you come to visit us, some of the new features you won’t even notice because they belong to our “behind the scenes” team and help us provide you with better services every day.

You may not notice that we have a new fryer or even that we have replaced our glass washer, but you will probably appreciate the new stylish uniforms of our waiters along with the renewed service of plates, cutlery and glasses that we will carefully arrange on your table.

If you like balanced lighting that makes the environment more harmonious and relaxing, you will be delighted to discover the new lighting in the wellness area, the restaurant and the desk, where our staff is ready to welcome you.
We thought it was important to have better lighting to make the common areas more hospitable and comfortable.


Apart from all innovations that will make your stay more pleasant, we have focused on what we consider to be the three pillars of hospitality: the rooms, breakfast and the wellness area.

We have rearranged many rooms, which are now even more modern and functional, in line with the latest interior design trends.

We also wanted to give a deeper meaning to the breakfast experience.
The morning meal is indeed a very important moment to start the day well and we have enriched it with high quality products from local companies.

As the Boffenigo proudly calls itself an Experience Hotel, we felt it was only right to offer you the chance to experience our area from the very first morning.

Now you can have a buffet breakfast, serving yourself and taking the satisfaction out of tasting all our delicious food.
Finally, let’s talk about our wellness area, which this year has a new biosauna.

This is an important innovation, because unlike our sauna it offers a more accessible treatment, given the lower temperatures and a humidity level of no more than 70°.

Want to put it to the test? It will help you to regenerate gently by stimulating blood circulation, eliminating toxins and purifying the respiratory tract.

If you would like to try massages and other treatments offered by our wellness professionals, know that we now source from a local laboratory that produces high quality cosmetics, rich in active ingredients useful for the skin of face and body.

Because when it comes to well-being we always want to give you the best.


Since each guest is a universe of its own and has specific interests, we have decided to create packages to offer high-level experiences at an advantageous price, taking into account the inclinations of our different customers.

You will probably also find one that suits you: perhaps the romantic escape we have dedicated to couples in love or the carefree weekend in our SPA with friends.

If you’re a sporty person, you’ll appreciate our biking and golf offers, but maybe you just want to enjoy your holiday while saving on the cost of your stay.
In this case, we have a couple of very tempting offers, because for a minimum stay we will give you one night free.

While we wait to receive you with our best smile, we’ll get back to work, because the last details need to be worked out before the opening. 

We can finally breathe a sigh of relief and be proud of the fruits of our labours: after so much work, we are now more welcoming than ever.