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Everyone talks about how important it is to relax, but do you know the best way to reach it?

You should know that there are two types of relaxation: superficial relaxation and deep relaxation.

The first one is easily reached, but its effects are short-lived. The second one, on the other hand, is not so easy to achieve, but the benefits are more lasting because they get to the root of the problem.

Superficial relaxation

You can achieve superficial relaxation when you get in touch with nature.

Try to think of the feeling of well-being you get when admiring a sunset, while breathing in the scents during a walk in the middle of a vineyard, or when enjoying the sun by the pool, as your head becomes light and you feel yourself sinking into a kind of sleepiness.

Nature is the best place to find tranquillity, but you can also achieve the same kind of relaxation at home.

An example? When you immerse yourself in the bubbles of the bathtub, while the heady scent of the bubble bath mingles with the soft candlelight and you let go of all worries for a few minutes.
These are enjoyable activities, that give only momentary benefits, ready to give way to stress, disordered thoughts and continuous brooding.

It is therefore better to aim for another type of practice that can guarantee more lasting results.

Deep relaxation

This relaxation touches the most intimate strings of people and requires the desire to listen, bringing attention to oneself instead of to the outside.

How to achieve this? You can try through Mindfulness, which allows you to better manage the emotions you experience, instead of being subjected to them

The key word in this practice is ‘awareness’, because by bringing attention to your thoughts and reactions you can change your habitual responses, including those related to stressful situations.
Awareness is also the basis of the second activity recommended to achieve deep relaxation: breathing.

In fact, we all breathe normally, but few make it as a daily exercise.

To do this, you have to collect yourself in silence and focus your attention on your breath as the air rhythmically enters and leaves your body.

In those moments your mind is completely focused on the movement and is clear of thoughts and worries.
The third great technique useful for achieving a state of deep relaxation is meditation, which when practised correctly brings numerous benefits, including the reduction of anxiety and stress levels.

Finally, you can enter a state of deep relaxation through body massage.

According to a holistic vision now consolidated, the body and the mind represent a single reality, it is easy to understand that when the body is relaxed, the mind is also relaxed, and vice versa.

The importance of massage

Massages performed by professionals serve precisely to release physical tensions, thereby facilitating the removal of associated emotional blocks.

Within the Wellness & SPA area of the Boffenigo there are specialised operators offering different types of massages to help our guests achieve a state of well-being they have never experienced before.

There are many proposals, but one of the treatments we are most frequently asked for is the Back-Neck Massage.

It is first performed with the application of mud, to release muscle tension and then repeated with camphorated oil, for a decontracting treatment.

Another experience to try is Emotional Massage with essential oils, which enhance the beneficial effects of manual stimulation.
Besides deeply relaxing body and mind, it creates a feeling of harmony thanks to the aromatherapeutic action of the oils.

When you visit us, ask us for advice on which treatment is best suited to your situation: our professionals are always happy to offer you the best solution for your well-being.