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Hospitality has been an important value since ancient Greece, when welcoming a person into a home was a sacred act: an essential part of the culture and a tradition that was passed down over the centuries. Guests were held in the highest regard, offered food, water, new clothes, and a nice place to rest. Hospitality was not just a rule of civil coexistence, but a real bond of solidarity that led to friendships and new alliances.

Today, we can say that this is still partially true, and that good hospitality is essential to every hospitality facility: to make travellers feel at home and to ensure they will always have fond memories of their holiday. Welcoming guests in the world of tourism has become an art capable of combining specific elements: a smile, kindness, respect, and the desire to offer more than just accommodation, providing experiences in and out of the hotel.

Boffenigo, Beatrix, Bran&Denise and Villa Padovani

I am glad to say that in our case hospitality runs in the family. The Padovani have always cultivated this value and passed it down to the younger generations. My brother Pierluigi and I learned from our parents how to run a hospitality business and in particular how to take care of guests who come to stay, and return year after year.

The “Padovani Collection”, as we like to call it, includes four structures: the Boffenigo Panorama & Experience Hotel in Costermano, Residence Beatrix in Bardolino, the Family Resort Bran&Denise in Costermano, and Villa Padovani, an authentic 17th century Venetian Villa in Pastrengo.

The Boffenigo is not just a four-star hotel with spectacular views of Lake Garda: it is a magical place where you can enjoy a holiday dedicated to you, your family, the things you love most. Boffenigo puts special emphasis on food: our restaurant offers traditional dishes prepared with good and genuine locally sourced produce and accompanied by the best local wines. The personalised experiences we propose, including wine and food tours and excursions led by our Guest Experience Manager Vanessa, are designed to make you fall in love with our amazing corner of the world.

Have you already seen the new website? Now more appealing, simple, and intuitive than ever, to help you find immediately what you are looking for and discover the B-Family.

The Beatrix and Bran&Denise holiday resorts are designed to offer families two beautiful places with plenty of opportunities for adults and children to relax and have fun. Football, tennis, swimming pool, cycling: there are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy with friends and family! Beatrix is in the heart of Bardolino, one of the most fascinating towns in southern Garda, close to shops, restaurants, and the lake banks. Bran&Denise is in Costermano, surrounded by greenery in a natural and truly relaxing atmosphere. With its 20,000 square metres of park, it is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a special oasis of peace.

Villa Padovani is an historic gem set among the Colline Moreniche hills, run by my parents, Remo and Laura, for the past 20 years. It’s their home and at the same time a place of profound wellness that they share with people arriving from all parts of the world. Staying here means diving into the past to experience pure serenity in a medieval setting that combines history, art, and beauty. With 11 suites, an outdoor swimming pool, and a brand-new indoor spa, Villa Padovani is a romantic retreat ideal to escape from everyday life.

Four quite different settings that share the same idea: being hospitable towards the people who spend a holiday with us means taking care of their happiness.

Enrico Padovani

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