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Lake Garda is a place that seems enchanted: It accompanies the days of our guests with bright, vibrant colours, but is at its best when night falls and the atmosphere becomes more dreamy. 

During the summer the sunset sky turns yellow, orange and pink.

Sometimes it gives delicate hues and light shades that make relax, at other times it mixes more vigorous colours and with the last sun rays it lights up the clouds in flaming red, painting different scenes every evening.

Here at Boffenigo we are familiar with these spectacles, that nature gives us every day.

And our guests also know them well, who do not miss the opportunity to enjoy them until the last day light vibrates in the air, and then go out in the quiet of the night.

A privileged position to admire the sunset

The Boffenigo has a truly privileged location, on the hills surrounding the lake: from here you can admire the sunset over the lake and the hill’s frame that enclose it.

Many guests prefer to watch it from our spacious terrace, where they can enjoy an aperitif or dinner.

Others take the opportunity of such a cosy atmosphere to admire the spectacle from the terrace of their room, carving out an intimate moment before going to the restaurant.

There are also who decide to make the holiday memorable by booking our magnificent Whirpool Suite, with its panoramic balcony terrace and whirlpool bath. Here the sunset becomes an opportunity to let yourself go in the arms of your loved one, enveloped in water and caressed by its soft bubbles.

The romantic legend of the nymph Tavine

And so, it is that looking at Lake Garda and its passion-filled colours brings to mind the legend of the nymph Tavine, who was in love with the shepherd Cisso.

The story is well known in our parts, because it is set on the lakeshores, in a gulf south of the town of Salò, where magical creatures such as nymphs, meadow fairies and woodland dryads lived.

It seems that Tavine was a very beautiful nymph, with braids as blonde as gold and eyes as blue as water. She spent her days with the shepherd Cisso, while the animals grazed in the meadows. Tavine’s beauty did not go unnoticed, and when the god Benaco saw her, he fell in love with her. The god of the lake did everything he could to attract her attention, constantly courting her, but Tavine did not even notice him, caught up in her love for her shepherd.

In the end, the god had to surrender to the evidence: the beautiful nymph would never give in to his flatteries, and in anger he killed Cisso with his golden trident.
Tavine was desperate and so she let herself go, determined to follow Cisso into the realm of death.

The other gods, however, were moved by the young girl’s heartbreak and prevented her from dying, putting her deeply to sleep.

So it was that during her sleep the nymph was magically transformed: her feet became one with the ground, developing solid roots, while her body became a trunk, her legs and arms turned into branches and her hair changed into twigs and leaves.

The enchantment was accomplished: Tavine was transmuted into a willow tree, while the body of Cisso became a climbing ivy, which began to cover the much-loved willow tree, binding itself inextricably to its trunk and branches.
Watching the beautiful sunsets from the Boffenigo, it still seems to see Tavine, as she flirts with Cisso, surrounded by green meadows and fields.

His story comes to mind every time we encounter ivy plants hugging the trees along the lakeshore, ready to remind us of the beauty and strength of a love, that never dies.