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Those who know us well also know that as a team we are close, proactive, and flexible. We are able to adapt to the most difficult situations and strive to ensure all changes are effective. A quality that helps us implement every project with enthusiasm.

Therefore, in these difficult times, we are planning a new concept of hospitality that we will be implementing once we reopen the Boffenigo Panorama & Experience Hotel: safe hospitality.

Our reopening will focus on three main elements: safety, hygiene, and service, ensuring our guests enjoy their wellness holiday while prioritising people’s health and peace of mind.

Safety starts at the Reception

Boffenigo’s staff will pay particular attention to the new prevention measures, starting at the Reception, where we welcome guests and come into contact with them for the first time. All members of staff will be aware of the necessary precautions: from the use of gloves and face masks to hand hygiene; from keeping a safe distance to the medical kits available; from surface cleaning disinfectant to how to cover coughs and sneezes.

High hygiene and cleaning standards throughout

A special cleaning and disinfecting plan will be implemented to ensure the highest hygiene standards in every room and communal area, such as Reception, the breakfast room, bar, swimming pool area, garden, etc.
Boffenigo has vast spaces in which guests can safely enjoy their stay and the many comforts offered by the Hotel.

All rooms will have a hygiene kit and disposable gloves and anti-bacterial gel will be available in the breakfast buffet room, where food will be laid out on more than one table to help people keep a safe distance from each other. High-touch surfaces, from coffee machines to the buttons in the lifts, will be disinfected after every use.

Impeccable technical and maintenance service

Our guest’s health has always been our priority, starting from the quality of indoor air, which plays a key role in our concept of safe hospitality. Boffenigo adopts Jonix certified solutions that prevent the consequences of indoor pollution and guarantee clean, healthy air that helps guests’ well-being.

Disinfecting water is also part of our reopening plan: the Hotel’s two swimming pools – a heated indoor pool and an outdoor pool – contain the right concentration of disinfectant solutions, in compliance with international standards. Regular checks will ensure the correct operation of all equipment and of the anti-bacterial sanitiser dispensers located throughout the Boffenigo facilities.

Our B-Family believes in rebirth, in change, in being able to adapt to new situations, even the most difficult. We like looking to the future with optimism, making plans and working to offer our guests the best service possible. We are sure that soon there will be a new type of tourism, more aware and careful, more respectful of people and places.
We want to be prepared, because for us safe hospitality is a real objective that can be achieved to ensure to continue offering tranquillity and enjoyment without asking you to give up a beautiful holiday on Lake Garda.