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Going on holiday means many different things depending on what you’re looking for at that particular moment: adventure, relaxation, fun, culture and sport are just a few examples. But what if we had to choose a single word to encapsulate all of these? Here at the B-Family there’s no hesitation: experience.

Experiences are what make a holiday complete and unique, enriching it with precious memories. This is what makes the difference and will remain in your heart forever once you return home. At Boffenigo you can enjoy all kinds of experiences with our Vanessa, from tastings of Garda wines to walks in the hills. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

At hour hotel, experiences are not only outside, but inside too! If what you seek is a romantic, relaxing stay, we have the very thing for you: The Suite.

What is The Suite, and why won’t you want to leave it

Close your eyes and start dreaming: imagine a place that’s inviting, modern and filled with light. The warm wood of the furniture, the exquisite bright fabrics, the scent of a lavender candle filling the air. Inside, the cosiness of a comfortable, private space. Outside, a balcony with views of Lake Garda.

Open your eyes. All this is real, and it’s called The Suite.
It’s more than a mere room, it’s an experience that has everything you need to fulfil your desire for peace and quiet, far from confusion, stress and work. There’s only you, your loved one and a Spa just for the two of you.

The Suite is 90 square metres of dreams. It’s the Boffenigo’s most gorgeous and luxurious new space, a designer room created for visitors who seek just one thing: their own wellbeing.

What makes your experience in this room unique? A king size bed, wonderful for anyone seeking comfort and a perfect night’s sleep. A large dressing room with all the space you need to store your clothes, and a beautiful seating area. But the icing on the cake in this room is the Spa. Yes, that’s right…inside you’ll find a real personal wellness space with sun beds, sauna, steam room, indoor bath and jacuzzi on the balcony.

You can enjoy your romantic experience alone or in the company of the one you love. It’s your choice and your relaxation in our suite. We told you before, this is a dream come true.