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Who knows why as soon as we turn the calendar page and a new year begins we are literally assaulted by a thousand good intentions, which usually disappear just as quickly in the following days. Unfortunately, real changes are not the result of sudden decisions, but of constant efforts that take the right amount of time to take shape.

We in the B-Family also have our good intentions, but we have been working on them for many months, so that we can present them to you when we reopen in 2022.

Now that we’re closed, we’re taking the opportunity to do them one after the other. Yes, because good intentions need a lot of organisation, constant work and a good dose of creativity to become real. A mix of indispensable requirements that allowed us to always find the most brilliant solutions to the obstacles that inevitably arose.

You’ll have to wait a few more months to enjoy them in person, but we can already give you a preview of what’s in store for you today.


One of our intentions for 2022 is to make our AperiBoff, which we serve every evening on our magnificent terrace, even more inviting.

It seems like a mission impossible, because already today we offer you a top-class aperitif: excellent cocktails and fine wines, tasty snacks and samples of some local products. And everything acquires a truly unique flavour when you enjoy it comfortably seated at the table on our terrace, surrounded by greenery and with the unique panorama of Lake Garda seen from above.

But we know that everything can be improved, even our beloved AperiBoff: we have therefore decided to expand our range of aperitifs and cocktails to stimulate your senses and offer you a choice of new and intense flavours. To spice things up a bit, we will also organise new themed music evenings to create the right atmosphere and accompany your most beautiful moments with an exceptional soundtrack.


If you have already stayed at the Boffenigo Panorama & Experience Hotel you know how much we value relaxation: we want our guests to have everything they need to regenerate completely and return home with a feeling of renewed vigour.

In addition to the two swimming pools (one indoors and one outdoors) we have created a SPA area complete with sauna, Turkish bath, Kneipp therapy, relaxation beds, chromotherapy, water jets and emotional and tropical showers.

But that was not enough for us. The desire to make things even better has led us to introduce a new addition to the SPA area: the new bio-sauna. This is a gentler version of the sauna, from which it differs in that it has lower temperatures and humidity and is therefore more easily accessible. The benefits of such a treatment are numerous, such as the deep relaxation it induces, the activation of circulation without stressing the body, the purification of the body and a more radiant skin.


All these good intentions are becoming reality and during the coming summer season you will be able to enjoy all the beneficial effects. There is no doubt that fine weather will make these experiences even more enjoyable, with the gentle warmth helping you to relax and the colours of the sky and earth made more vivid and brilliant by the sun’s rays.

Summer is indeed the heart of every holiday, but why not visit us again at the end of the year? Another great news for 2022 is that our hotel will also be open on weekends in November and December.

We would be delighted if, after a great summer together, you decided to celebrate Christmas or New Year with us.

We will prepare something very special for you, because we still have many good intentions to work on. We look forward to seeing you!