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It is not a coincidence, that we have the word ‘Panorama’ in our name. Who already knows us, knows the view that surrounds us, and who comes to the Boffenigo for the first time is always speechless. Getting used to such beauty, we assure you, is impossible! Situated on the top of a hill, our hotel is a strategic point to admire the spectacle of Lake Garda in all its splendour. A 360-degree panorama where you can lose yourself in nature and historic villages.

At any time of day and anywhere in the building, from the garden to the terrace, from the rooms to the restaurant, the landscape we have in front of us is sensational. And it is incredible to see how nature changes colours from morning to night, especially when in the evening right on the lake, we can enjoy the pleasure of endless sunsets that paint the sky, the water and the surrounding hills. Green, blue, light blue, red, yellow, pink, orange: there is a whole palette at our disposal.

But what can you actually see from the Boffenigo? There are many treasures visible to our eyes that are worth getting to know, destinations of unique experiences that can be reached in a short time from our hotel, to enrich your holiday and really get to know the magic of Lake Garda.

In the middle, the beautiful Garda and the Brescian shore

Directly opposite, in the central part of the panorama, Italy’s largest lake appears in all its majesty. We are on the Veronese coast, facing the southern part. From here, you can clearly see the town of Garda, bordering to the south with Bardolino and to the north with Torri del Benaco. A quaint village with its small harbour and lakeside promenade teeming with tourists, typical restaurants and souvenir shops.

Also from this perspective, but in the distance on the Brescia side, you can see:

  • On the left the Rocca di Manerba, the rocky spur overlooking the lake where you can take an excursion to see the remains of the ancient medieval castle.
  • Immediately to the right are the delightful towns of San Felice del Benaco and the more famous Salò, surrounded by cypress, olive and oleander trees and with a three-kilometre-long lakeside promenade to stroll along.
  • In this scenery, you can also see the Isola del Garda, known as Isola di Svevia or Isola Borghese, the largest of the whole lake. This place owes its charm to the imposing Venetian neo-Gothic style villa, full of surprising architectural details, terraces, Italian and English gardens.

On the left the Rocca del Garda and the Hermitage of San Giorgio

What do we see if we look all the way to the left? Our panorama continues to surprise us with the Eremo di San Giorgio and the Rocca del Garda, two special destinations in nature, which can be reached from Boffenigo thanks to the experiences proposed by our Guest Experience Manager Vanessa.

The Hermitage of San Giorgio is one of the oldest and most visited religious sites on the lake. It was founded in 1663 by Camaldolese Benedictine monks and is still today a place of peace, recollection and silence, where masses and religious services are celebrated. But you can also visit it to rediscover and find a bit of healthy simplicity.

The Rocca del Garda is one of the most beautiful natural viewpoints, a must for every tourist. It is a hill situated between Garda and Bardolino, overlooking the lake, whose path to get there winds through woods, vineyards, farmhouses and archaeological, medieval and military remains. In Longobard times, a fortress stood here of which traces of masonry can still be seen.

On the right Punta San Vigilio and Monte Luppia

If we focus on the right side of the panorama visible from the Boffenigo, there are two other places worth visiting during a holiday on Lake Garda, or if you are just passing through. We have Punta San Vigilio, right in front of the port of Garda, a beautiful peninsula perfect for a romantic stroll and the destination of illustrious guests such as Winston Churchill, Prince Charles of England and many others. Here is the famous beach “Baia delle Sirene“, a paradise with crystal-clear waters, where the scent of the maritime pines immediately refers to the sea. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places to swim at Lake Garda!

Further to the right is Monte Luppia, located between Punta San Vigilio and Garda, perfect for fascinating walks in the wilderness and seeing ancient rock engravings up close on the rocks along the way. On the south side, there are some great spots to admire the lake and the escarpment below. In fact, this place is also known to be a renowned rock-climbing centre. A dream for all climbing, hiking and cycling enthusiasts.

As you can see, when you are at the Boffenigo you are not “just” looking at a panorama, but at a treasure trove, where every point from left to right is a precious gem to be discovered and shared.